Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bouquet of Gems

Had a moment with jewelry the other day. Was so mesmerized by the landscape of color, that I decided to pile up some gemstone bracelets: yellow amber, firecracked agate, coffee quartz, amethyst, green jade, petalite, rubies... all vibrant and gorgeous for spring! Just like a bunch of fresh flowers...

Which reminds me, I had taken some photos of the Spring blossoms around Washington, DC. These were a bunch of beautiful cherry blossoms I saw at the Tidal Basin a couple months back....
and here are some beautiful flowers I saw in a well manicured garden...
So pretty!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Yinibini at the National Cherry Blossom Festival

It's Spring!!! The gorgeous pink and white hues that surround the Tidal basin is back!!! Gorgeous cherry blossoms started showing thier beauty on the 28th and are attracting all of the tourists like hummingbirds to a hibiscus. With all of the fantasy and adventure surrounding the blossoms comes my latest creations for the National Cherry Blossom Festival! Pink Rhodonite and

Japanese Keishi Pearls!

The three Pink rhodonite faceted teardrops dangle like cherry blossoms off of a fine cable sterling silver chain. The matching earrings is the perfect way to finish off the cherry blossom look.

And if you are in the mood for something a little more delicate, try these genuine white Japanese Keishi Pearl earrings. Accented with the tiniest, most delicate looking sterling silver ball that moves when you do. Wrapped in sterling silver wire. Cute!

All available at the Shop and support handmade!!!

Enjoy the Festival and be pink!!!!



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yinibini and Yinibini Baby will be at the Handmade Mart, May 23rd!!!

Yes folks! Handmade Mart is back! On May 23rd, stop by the Yinibini Booth to check out discounted deals on Yinibini and Yinibini Baby clothing and accessories. I will also be featuring a whole new collection of Yinibini spring jewelry for women. This year's Handmade Mart will be held on Ellsworth Drive, (between Fenton and Georgia) from 10 am -5pm. See you there!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yinibini Baby Collection Debut - Spring and Summer

Of all the awesome things! Fashion Fights Poverty sponsors the Yinibini Baby debut! Fashion Fights Poverty, is an organization that encourages ethical fashion, and as they so nicely put it on their website,, "FFP’s mission is to raise awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty. We believe that the industries of fashion, textiles, and design offer unique and effective opportunities for designers, craftsmen and consumers alike to contribute to the alleviation of poverty through trade, skill-building and community empowerment." Nice!
A percentage of proceeds from the sale of Yinibini Baby clothing and accessories during the 3-hour debut on February 27, at ArtSpring (check out the attached flier) will go to a FFP supported children's charity. It feels good to give back! So see you there!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fenton Street Market Highlights

It was a beautiful day at the Fenton Street Market !!! People were nice and the artists' crafts were slammin'!! I met some wonderful people who were so excited to see all of the work from the various artists. The sweetest little girl, Sophia (Sophia, if you read this, please let me know if I have listed your name correctly) was a enjoying all of the different colors she saw in my booth. Look at that gorgeous smile! She had fun.

Then I met Jesus, who was the upteenth person with a superheroe tee shirt on! I had to take his photo too!

Thanks to Hannah and the entire crew who put on such a great production, and thanks to all of the wonderful people who turned out to support us artists!

More Yinibini to come. Stay tuned!

xoxoxo Yinibini

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

25% OFF Sale at!!!!

Yes ladies!! 25% off on any purchase at, now through September 30th!!! Get it while it's hot!!!

Discount code: YINIBINI25

xoxoxo Yinibini

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gemstone Party at Eklectik Funk Boutique

Don't you just love a party! It's a time to release all of your stresses and have fun! Well, if you like getting great deals, you will definitely enjoy this gemstone party. Eklectik Funk Boutique will host this fab party, where Yinibini gemstone jewelry will be on sale, up to 80% off! Come and mingle, enjoy wine and cheese, and enter to win a raffle! See you there!!

xoxo Yinibini